CHAP agrees to write letter to ask for 90 days, details to follow.

Demolition before 12/31 no consideration of signatures, denied access to public meeting.

Local superstar David Bunn asks for your help.

Black History was made here.

Peter Brooks stands in front of the Calloway home.

James Carter, Musician

Press Release - everything coming to a head.

This is it.
This is it.

Neighborhood Action - check out our flyers and learn the truth.

See the awful truth here. Why is Baltimore erasing its history?

Plans for a Park going forward.

CHAP Gives 6 months.

In an informal hearing on July 9,2019, the Baltimore CHAP staff indicated that that house will be demolished in about 6 months.

Local citizens want a park!

The system is working perfectly. Designed to retard innovation, the CDC makes personal, community based argument. Sick and tired of seeing dilapidated houses like Calloway's. Plan for a park years in the making - why stop now, after 50 years of neglect finally something being done - don't stop that from happening!

Can anyone save our history?

Appeal for developers. People who want to make history by saving it. Make sure African-American history is not wiped from the earth. Apply now.

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I'm just saying

Some of the Press Coverage we have gotten so far:






Fox 45

Rutgers University

Baltimore Brew

Community Architect Daily

Camay Murphy speaks on her father in Baltimore

On Blanche Calloway

CabCalloway, the original Emcee.

Please call Commissioner Michael Braverman

1. Call Housing Commissioner Michael Braverman – 410-396-3232 - His agency actually owns the house and its fate is entirely in his hands.

Tell them this house has historic value and you'd like to visit it!

Local superstar David Bunn asks for your help.

Local superstar David Bunn asks for your help in educating our young people about their history and potential.

Top 5 reasons why you want to see this house:

  1. 2216 Druid Heights Ave. is the childhood home of Blanche and Cab Calloway—the brother and sister duo who studied music at home, perfected their craft and went on to become big band trailblazers in America’s roaring 20’s era, and beyond.

  2. Blanche Calloway (jazz singer and composer) made history as the first female to lead an all-male big band— Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys.

  3. Five years his elder, Blanche Calloway mentored her brother to become the jazz master he later became.

  4. The Calloway family home is ground zero for the genres of swing, boogie-woogie, modern blues and R&B. Cab Calloway is even hailed as the Grandfather of Hip Hop— whose famous scats, jazzy riffs, shiny zoot suits and high-energy dance moves paved the way for the rap and hip-hop artists of the last three decades.

  5. The structure itself is a pre-World War I historic structure located just two blocks from the Pennsylvania Ave Arts and Entertainment District, which houses the iconic Baltimore venues where Cab, Blanche and their contemporaries—Billie Holiday, Eubie Blake, Chick Webb, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie—all performed in the 1920’s-1950s.

Why we need your support (and how you can get involved):

  • An endeavor of this magnitude takes financial, moral and hands-on support.

  • We are forming a non-profit and we are recruiting board members!

  • We plan to organize a large fundraising concert (like the one in The Blues Brothers movie!) We need support of all kinds. Let us know if you can help! (We are also open to any other fundraising ideas as well).

  • We will need a real estate developer, as well as acquisition and development funds to purchase and rehab the property.

  • Ideas? Let us know. Together we can get it done!

The 7 reasons why Cab Calloway is the original MC

Cab Calloway has been dubbed “The Grandfather of Hip-Hop" for his flamboyance, jazzy riffs, raps (yes, he did rap), and consistent story-line of “life in the hood.” Both Cab and his hip-hop predecessors:

  1. Emerged from and speak directly to the Black urban experience.

  2. Utilize the disjunctive and improvisational rhythm patterns and phrasing Cab Calloway popularized

  3. Use flamboyant fashion, style and “bling” (i.e., chains and the Zoot Suit) to demonstrate the “high life” / “living large.”

  4. Portray a strong male bravado with statements of “epic” abilities or status.

  5. Use coded language in their lyrics.

  6. Possess a bold positioning of counter-culture— confronting common norms and institutions.

  7. Have a strong dependence on rhythm, rhyme, chants, and cadence. Introduce and mainstream Black norms, vernacular, stories and cultural traditions.

Please don't let the government destroy more of our history. - Scroll to the top and do something now.

Partial List of Cab Calloway's Accomplishments

• Cab Calloway was the first jazz performer and first African American to sell 1 million records.
• Cab Calloway was the first African American to write a dictionary (Hepster's Dictionary)
• Cab Calloway was the first in film and animation to perform “The Buzz”—the gliding backstep believed to be the precursor to Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk.”
• Cab Calloway was one of the first individuals ever “rotoscoped” for cartoons in 1932 when he appeared in Betty Boop cartoons.
• Cab Calloway’s music and style were extremely and uniquely accessible across language barriers, race, geography and age.
• Cab Calloway regularly sang in the Jewish dialect, Yiddish.
• Cab Calloway along with Duke Ellington, were the first African-Americans to have regular radio broadcasts live from The Cotton Club.
• Cab Calloway made common lexicon such as, “hip, jive, cool, groovy, cat” and many other phrases with the publication of his Hepster dictionaries that introduced African-American vernacular to the larger population.
• Cab Calloway is responsible for popularizing the Zoot Suit, which to this day, remains the only indigenous American civilian suit.
• Cab Calloway is credited with giving New York City the nick name “The Big Apple”
• In 1976, Cab Calloway published his autobiography entitled, Of Minnie the Moocher and Me, which included his complete Hepster's Dictionary as an appendix.
• In 1994, Calloway was presented with the National Medal of the Arts from President Bill Clinton.
• In 1999, Calloway’s song, “Minnie the Moocher” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.
• In 2008, Calloway was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Some of the Best of Cab Calloway

To see the Cab Calloway Orchestra Live:

I am telling you with all sincerity, the Cab Calloway show is the closest thing to pure electricity that you will ever experience if your life:

For More information or to find a show near you goto:

To read about Cab Calloway and try to figure out the mystery:

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